The Process

Here at Domo Insurance, we pride our selves on our streamlined and efficient systems that offer the maximum in convenience to our clients throughout the entire life insurance acquisition process. We are 100% automated and paperless. Here is how the process works:

You submit your request for a quote on line or contact us directly. We respond immediately to your request by phone. After verifying your information we will ask some additional questions to ensure that the quotes we are creating are realistic with regard to your expected rate class assignment. If it is the case you know exactly what type and amount of insurance is appropriate for your situation and do not require or want to be advised, we will then immediately shop you through over 35 different highly rated carriers and provide you a spreadsheet of the 15 or so most competitively prices companies, ranked in order of price. Should you choose to apply with one or more of these companies we conduct your application by phone which typically takes roughly 15 minutes.

Once your application is completed you receive a secure copy of it by email along with the application signature pages you need to sign and return. You can return by fax, scan and email or if you prefer work by mail we will provide you with UPS service. As soon as we receive your return signature pages we combine them with the original application and then submit it to the carrier. At this point we order your exam and send you an email confirmation that your application has been submitted and your exam ordered. A registered nurse in your zip code will then call you within 1-2 business days to schedule a time with you that is mutually convenient to conduct your exam. From the time your exam has been completed to the time of approval is on average between 4 and 6 weeks. A lot of the times it depends on how long it takes for your Doctor to provide the requested copies of your records to the carrier.

In the event you need coverage immediately and if you are under 70 years of age you have the option to conditionally bind coverage at the time of application, meaning if you pass away during the underwriting your claim will be paid contingent on all application questions being answered honestly.

In the event you do not know exactly what you want to apply for, have questions, or just simply would like to be educated on the topic we will spend as long as you like discussing it with you and are happy to set as many future phone appointments as necessary until you are comfortable with the subject matter and fully informed. There is never at any time any obligation on your part to apply and we do not charge any fees for our time.

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